I am Anomalit Kate. The creator of Anomalitism and alternative future version.

I work at traditional and digital medium, create my artworks at the junction of physical and virtual realities.

The aim of Anomalitism is to show that individuality, uniqueness as well as the freedom of all the boundaries and stereotypes is the key to create the better world.

I put an emphasis on the human essence and their infinite possibilities, which erase the gender and racial identities and showing the critical importance and uniqueness of everyone.

Where does inspiration comes from?

From the environment, outer world and various life situations.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I often listen to music which is rhythmic and monotonic during the work. It helps me to concentrate, because such music puts me in a kind of trance. 

Fun fact

When I am home, I often create arts on different devices at the same time. It looks like I'm creating one art on a laptop and making another on an iPad and making my drafts in my notebook. 

Active Auctions

Element 8, 2021 

Digital art /

iPad Pro + ProCreate  + Nomad 

4000×4000 px


Anomalitism is a Universe where a large number of elements (anomalits) exist at the same time, each of them is a unique unit. Together, they present a picture to the world (the space of existence of the elements).

Each element exists in space independently and has the ability to communicate or complement another element or several of them. By connecting they create a new independent element and (or) becoming a part of the Picture of the World.



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