Where does inspiration comes from?

My inspiration comes from several sources, initially from the aesthetics and design of the 80s and 90s, between the graphic, ornamental, plastic, furniture and architectural with the Memphis style or the vanguard of Retrofuturism (Futurewave), also known as Aesthetic, either in the object art (art toy) and promotional items. 

In turn, from an intimate relationship with the technological development that we initially had with the first digital contacts in communication, through software, gadgets, internet culture, user experience in networks, video games, cartoons and anime of the time prior to the arrival of web 2.0.

I consider myself a lover of vintage style in toys and I have a strong inspiration with the avant-garde Cyberpunk, Steampunk and Green Punk.

What kind of music do you listen to?

That's right, I listen to Neon Indian and Tobacco, but I also discovered that there was the vanguard of Retrofuturism through the music of Com Truise, which is defined as musical styles between synthwave, chill wave and synthpop: it provokes in me a nostalgia for humanity and the contact towards digitality.

I am also accompanied by Lo-fi, vaporwave and Trap, in this last genre I am inspired by the exponents: Ac1dop, Pedro la Droga and EL VIRTUAL, as well as others more as exponents of national and international Rap.

Fun fact

1. I never work on sketches since all my work is done on the spot. 

2. I am ambidextrous in spray painting and with some tools. 

 3. My biological clock wakes me up at 7AM daily. 

4. I get vertigo at heights. 

5. I don't like cakes or desserts. I prefer snacks. 

6. I love killer whales, I find them so fascinating that they create a shocking fear in me. 

 7. I collect vintage figures such as Ninja Turtles (TMNT) toys from the 90s and Mighty Max. 

8. I restore vintage furniture and clothing. 

9. I am a Street ware lover, I really like tennis collections. 

10. I like to experiment with motherboards to create interactive pieces. 

11. I am interested in themes related to the paranormal.

Active Auctions


Digital piece selected for auction, made in Blender and Photoshop. It is the transmutation of the human being with the digital, the symbolisms moved from my avatar to cyberchamanism: when decoding the program, a green code appeared on the screen, they gave me a choice between twenty pills and I asked to be returned to the matrix, here I find nothing and everything is a lie. Neither C++ nor PHP, the oracle predicted it, there are neon lights in the city, I feel cloned like Dolly.

Memorias de la mente digital, 2018 

Digital piece selected for sale, created in Maya 3D and Photoshop. In the future social classes will become biological classes, someday we will be able to achieve immortality. We will make copies of our brains. We may create them in our own laboratories or as simple as downloading them into a computer: the danger of the past was that humanity would be enslaved, but the danger of the future is that humans will become the machine. Death will be optional.


El mañana, 2018
Digital piece selected as a sample, not available for sale or reproduction, created in Photoshop and 3D MAX. Collaboration with the musical artists Nerbi Galgo and Ac1dop, Spanish rappers who together with me are part of La Droga LAB, a music label based in Spain.
Pensamiento digital, 2018
Digital design
Digital piece selected as a sample, not available for sale or reproduction. Created with the program FACE MODELER and Photoshop, it was a poster made for a single show of some of my plastic works that were exhibited in BUUT’S, concept smoke shop LGBT+.


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