Domino Apollo

Born in Reno, Nevada Daniel Carrillo a Mexican - American self taught artist, graphic designer, crypto & NFT enthusiast. Excited to enter the space & witness the vast possibilities with the next generation of technology. Influences from psychedelic art & technology are evident in his art that reflects the environment of where his pieces reside. Making graphic designs for clients & businesses finally decided it is time to pioneer a new frontier.

Where does inspiration comes from?

Mine comes from my journey of self discovery but most of the time inspiration finds me. Finding just how deep or shallow it may be. From the ideas that whisper to the ones that yell I don’t ignore the slightest spark.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I love listening to new sounds & rhythms in my creative process, often experimenting with what I listen too. Some that accompany me & ones I remember have been: A$AP Rocky, Tame Impala, Kanye West, Daft Punk, & Swum.

Fun fact

I am somewhat of a Jack Of Trades pursuing my passions whether that is in Fashion where I have my own clothing line. Music where I create instrumentals or my business where I lead people to live a lifestyle everyone far & wide deserves to live.

Active Auctions

Volume +, 2021

Digital Animated Graphic 2021

Psychedelic atmosphere, with an abstract question for your imagination to ponder. Can you hear it? The music, the memory, the message? What do you hear?


High Definition Vision

Animated Graphic Design, 2021

An extension of the “Volume +” piece. Can you hear me now?

Welcome To The Ascension


Animated Graphic Design, 2021

Welcome To The Ascension. Loading…

Data sheet (technical, year) Animated Graphic Design, 2021
Description Hologram of a modern Akausuki member, in a monotone & glitched frame. 


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