Ego Rangel


Ego Rangel is a multidisciplinary artist from the city of Tijuana (Mexico). He is currently studying two degrees at different universities: Plastic Arts and Film and Audiovisual Production.

His work ranges from the personal to the social, establishing a relationship between the senses of absence and invisibility within the family and political environment.

Where does inspiration comes from?

Inspiration comes from personal experiences or from family members who are within my circle, at first, my family was not of many resources, so people close to me lived difficult situations, even personally I had to experience one of the bloodiest moments in my city.

This more than anything helped me to have an awareness of the social context in which I find myself, so my job is more than anything to reflect on these problems that we have, it comes from questioning everything that happens and why.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Not only when I work, I think that a lot of the time I am listening to music.

As I accompany my work with certain readings, I usually listen to Lo-Fi or something very quiet, and later when I'm just painting I prefer something more energetic

Fun fact

When I got to art school, I didn't even know how to draw, I had passed the exam because I knew a bit of history and had a relatively good portfolio of photographs.

I had entered with the intention of learning more about photography, but I ended up falling in love with painting, both oil and digital, performance, conceptual art and net art.

Active Auctions

PAST, 2021 

Video generated with rotoscopy 


The video is composed of a series of photographs from the family album that refer to a sense of nostalgia. Life goes by in the blink of an eye, at least we remember them with photos.

Ausencia, 2021 

Video generated with rotoscopy 

 Video of a father running with his daughter in an empty space. The video is accompanied by a repetitive, but harmonious original theme song that shares the feeling of nostalgia. Song available on Spotify.

Yo cuento muchos

Video generated with rotoscopy
1920 x 1080 pixels


Intervention to a video showing the military corps of Mexico during 2018, this was during a show of military power and patriotism just a year before going through the most violent year in Mexico’s history. 


Hermano, 2020-2021

Serie: ABRIL

Digital Illustration

SPACE, 2021


Video created with the rotoscopy technique


LOAD IT, 2021



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