Hello everyone, my name is Pablo, I'm a creative from Madrid (Spain), with collages I try to express myself in a freer and less limited way than with words, trying to provoke emotions and deep thoughts to the viewer.

Influenced by pop and urban culture, I immerse myself in a continuous search for inspiration, which when taking shape visually, create a visually powerful message.

Based on the pop culture of the 70's my pieces merge with the present in a satirical way, criticizing the current society with vintage images. In 1:1 format (square) in order to be more concrete thus avoiding a panoramic and dispersed vision of the message I want to convey, although as in the art world, everything is subjective.

Where does inspiration comes from?

I started in the art world as most people do with drawing, but soon I realized that what really helped me to express what I thought and felt, was collage. I was always a great lover of earlier eras like the 70s and 80s, and I guess that has had a great influence on my artworks.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Yes, for me it's an indispensable element when creating, it's like the music itself tells you what to do... For me, in particular, I really like indie music, a music that transmits peace and a lot of vibe.

What's a fun fact?

Hahahahaha I don't know if it's funny or not for you guys but whenever I'm on the computer I have my dog Kali whining because she wants my attention, I always try to make time for her hahahaha.

Active Auctions

God save the Queen , 2020 

This work is a tribute to the queen of “RNB” and Soul, Amy Winehouse, a visual way to emphasize that her music still has the value it had at the time, a great piece for Amy Winehouse lovers.


Make a wish 








Good Vibes 




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