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Mexican artist with studies in architecture, interested in the experimentation of volumetry and architectural concepts, these pieces with an artistic and sculptural approach seek to represent idyllic volumes that could be in a desolate place, or under some ancient sea, even on another planet; arise as the search for artificiality, making it evident in human shelters, where a technologically advanced material has the role but also the responsibility to safeguard and make the life of human beings a walk through a field of lilies, this process needs art.

Where does inspiration comes from?

My inspiration comes from imagining the future world, that emotion of being able to propose the future life through works of art of the present; in my works I am inspired by works such as Blade Runner, Akira, Matrix.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Sometimes, I like any genre but particularly slowed and reverb versions for my creative process.

Fun fact

I really conceive my works thinking of them as a real and habitable space.

Active Auctions

VIERNES, 2021 

Viernes building, in a utopian city in this building every day is Friday.


5400 x 6750 px



Estación, 2021 


 5000 x 5000 px; 2021

Like a city high up in space, we observe each other without knowing that we are there, the important thing is to believe it.

El destino, 2021 


 5000 x 5000 px; 2021

Many places that look the same sooner or later the door of one of them has to open and there will be no turning back.

Night City Lodge,  2021 


 5000 x 5000 px; 2021


In the long night in a skyscraper meets a lodge that wants to change the world as it is now, every window with a light on can be their meeting room.  


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