Marcelo Itkin

Where does inspiration comes from?

Memories - Myths & Traditions - Oneiric Dreamscapes - Photos - Images - Paints - Collages - Music - Natural Sounds

All these human and natural expressions add up in me as a rhizomatic metaphor... as a multiplicity of knowledge, of knowledge linked to curiosity and to the kinesthetic and voluptuous expression of art.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Sometimes a Eureka happens...

It happens that sublime moment in which a world of unconnected images takes the representative form of an idea and this happens simply when the fanciful flight of my representations is caught by multiple interconnected lights, lines and shapes.

Fun fact

Early invaded by curiosity and fantasy.

Active Auctions

Groise T 12, 2021


Digital paint


An over the shoulder view… suggested and ripped bodies.

Wrong way, 2021

Digital paint

Have I taken the wrong way?


Carucha 1001 Rigth side, 2021

Digital paint


Carucha 1002 Left side, 2012

Digital paint
The hidden language. Portrait of glances over the shoulder.
Left side.


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