Martha Maya

Originally from Tijuana, Martha has developed her career as a post producer and digital artist, She currently lives in Mexico City.

Her work has been presented in various art institutions and festivals such as the Centro de Cultura Digital, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Centro Nacional de las Artes and Centro de Cultura Digital, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Centro Nacional de las Artes and the Abandon Normal Devices Festival in England. She has integrated her aesthetics for brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Samsung and was part of the ASCO Media collective.

Her visual work is a mix of glitch art and video decomposition with collage and mixed media. Through the search for the error in the image, Martha reflects on the failed systems that exist in our environment, the consumption that exists in our environment, and the accelerated consumption of images. At the same time explores the frontiers of the digital world where pixel distortion can lead.

Where does inspiration comes from?

Much of my inspiration comes from the accelerated consumption of images that violently attacks us through our digital devices, that's when I seek to corrupt and transgress the image through the glitch.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Yes, music helps me a lot to disconnect from the world and have a more enjoyable creative process. I listen to everything from Sophie, Dirty Projectors to Mecano or Julieta Venegas

Fun fact

In Tijuana, where I am from, in any establishment you can pay with mixed currencies, i.e. in Mexican currency and dollars at the same time.
And when I came to live in Mexico City I tried to do the same in a store, obviously the person who attended almost made fun of me and I left very embarrased. The cultural impact was very big and to this day I never stop learning new things about this city.

Active auctions

Metamorphosis, 2021


The piece explores the change from the enclosure that exists in our own thoughts to a liberating feeling. It is about inhaling/exalting from the visual.



Nueva normalidad


Digital intervention on photography

<swipe that way>


Collage and glitch pixelsorting

It’s ok to cry


Collage and glitch pixelsorting


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