New media project, reconfigured as a sensor of the points of contact between mixed and augmented realities, metaphysical phenomena, and virtual life. 

Active since 2007, starting from the exploitation of electroacoustic compositions, which built bridges towards the beginning of an active research of digital art on the net, probing different concepts such as postinternet, transhumanism, cyberchamanism among others.

 His work has been presented in several countries, both in group and solo exhibitions, experimenting with different media and formats such as video art, animation, 3d printing, virtual reality, livecoding, augmented reality as well as audiovisual livesets.

Where does inspiration comes from?

From a rather broad and not proportionally fair perspective, it can be thought that there is no event in our lives that does not influence our actions. 

This premise, however, leaves us with a certain sense of descriptive drought. We collect our memories as if we were manipulating video editing software. We select moments to exalt them, others we choose to cut or perhaps distort them. 

Can we choose inspiration? or does inspiration invite us into its eclipsing game? Inspiration seems uncontrollable, it flows beyond a pretended personal control, without belonging to me, it is there, and allows me to share moments with it.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Yes, I am now listening to the catalog of 2 labels, Soulfedder and Unizone.

Fun fact

I have a crop of glitches, who live their lives by their own rules, I'm not proud but I don't hide it either.

Active Auctions

Computer love, 2019 
Partial interest urges feeling and links emotional and multidimensional generative repercussions. If a setting is linking desires, it could through its multiplicity of subtexts and interconnections afford some kind of cybernetic feast or perhaps something more suggestively analog like a processor. The seemingly frozen gazes in the resonance of a pixel envelop us in the unknown of the infinite game of the exchange of metasentimental censuses.
Angel LINK, 2020
 The result of this piece is a detailed aesthetic of metadiscursive backgrounds that reformulates beyond the imaginary absence of information. The polychromatic and detailed spectrum encodes and amplifies the inner vision, while the self-reflexive becoming intertwines the metadiscursive and punctual approach. This adventure of the psyche is detailed by modifying and documenting a series of backgrounds gifted by transient and particular solidarity. The discourse information is provisional functioning as an interface. Building a new link to new realities.

Salvia Glitch, 2018


Through a certain capacity of disinstallation, the vertices exaggerate and diffuse the multicyclic plane. We can think for a moment the paradoxical maximalism that this statement shows, through the way in which the fracture of it is restructured. The intervention expresses these complicities through its interzonal resonance through the glitch. This glitch on the off-centered landscape opposes and clashes with consequences and contrasts to decide the specificities of the rightness of the wrongness in a method of ex rostro. This production of indirections navigates formal legibility towards a paradoxically unforced parameter.


Wait, 2018 
A complex identity is embedded in the constant dialogue between (analogous) variables, which appears that perhaps there cannot be certain disconnections, but must be fully integrated into the context. Waiting time is thought of without developing a personal resonance so that all subjects have the same opportunity to experience polyvalent lapses. It burdens the waiting but also brings us closer to our singular goal.
The ability to self-link juxtaposes and links the multi-dimensional and generative effect of the mixed emotions of suspended time.

A33, 2020 


Posthuman Alien Hybrid mirror another consciousness or brain beyond our own body;it could be any other physical entity whose existence serves only the survival needs posed by hormonally engineered life. No animal, plant material, genetic substance or chemical structure can function without an external environment of some sort to satisfy its specific desires and sensory responses. All kinds have evolved within a context not unlike ours because they were placed with adequate information capacity on internet.


We are, 2020
The genes exploit the linked pattern, while the subscript of real virtuality synthesizes and coexists together with the neutral, semi-permeable illusion. The inherent linked gene generator neglects and categorizes the patterns, but holds each of them without dropping them. In some cases, a new articulated pattern reactivates semipermeable linked illusions. The capacity to eternalize distinguishes and alternates the new pattern. Along with the generators of these patterns, it also includes geometric illusions of various interpretations, as well as new reterritorializations, which promise something resembling truth.



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