Sergio Aguirre

Sergio Aguirrre is a multidisciplinary artist who works mainly from collage.

As recurring themes, one can appreciate a constant representation of astonishment and/or bewilderment coming from his own dreamscapes. Through his artistic practice, these mental spaces and entities are mapped and channeled. There is an interest in the undefined, the amorphous, the pseudo-figurative, the uncertainty...

Simultaneously to his production, he has developed different projects for the promotion and encouragement of artistic creation, giving workshops and managing events for children, youth and adults in Mexico, mainly in the state of Nuevo León.

About my work, the present pieces are made up of a digital collage and a text.

Where does inspiration comes from?

First of all, I like to pay attention to the characters and spaces that I go through every day without being sure of what they represent. There are impressions, sensations, emotions that are intermingled my day to day life and in my dream world that suggest ideas to me. From there I create.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Yes, I listen to a lot of music. Different genres, I also try to listen to different languages. I like to listen to songs that initially I don't understand the language or the lyrics but their sounds take me to unknown places. Experimental cinema is one of the windows through which I allow myself to appreciate reality from very contrary/novel perspectives.

What's a fun fact?

Since I was a kid I've wanted to make my own toys, and now as an adult I'm fulfilling that dream by finishing my first series of art toys.

Active Auctions

Mertrec, 2020 

Digital collage

Mertrec is part of a series of landscapes, characters, stories that take place
take place in a hypothetical
alternate reality.


Ortplat, 2020 

Collage Digital, 2020

Ort Plav is part of a series of 
landscapes, characters, stories that take place
take place in a hypothetical
alternate reality.



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