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My name is Zaid, a creative and cultural hacker and co-founder of Constellation. Constellation is a platform that allows users to express their aspirational dreams on our website and in turn, their dream gets encoded into unique art images.

We want humanity to capture their most aspirational dreams and messages and share these art images as a way to communicate a new narrative of positive intention while also building new relationships around dream realization. What we are creating is a visual language of dream expression at the intersection of human expression, technology and impact

Where does inspiration comes from?

It all stemmed from the word “imagination”
From imagining what the world is dreaming and imagining a world where we can talk more about our dreams and how we can help each other achieve them. We then used our imagination to creatively showcase what we could do if we got people to use their imagination and share their dreams through our art generator.

The purpose is to empower the unheard voices of humanity through art and create a community ecosystem where dream encoded art can be seen and sold, where proceeds are given back to the dreamers. The objective and vision is to showcase the beauty of our individual dreams and at the same time see the magnitude and power of our collective dreams.

For this auction, we have asked local underprivileged children at the Botanica Community Project in Tulum what their dreams are and created these first of a kind social impact dream art NFTS. Funds raised from these art sales will go back to this community to buy more educational supplies as well as to fund workshops catering to their dreams.

The sales and overall activity is aimed to teach the children and their wider community the importance of sharing and pursuing their dreams as what can be creatively applied through art.

What kind of music do you listen to?

House music as well as downtempo trip hop.

Fun fact

This first release of dream art came from a community project of underprivileged children in Tulum. These are their dreams and proceeds from the art will go to future dream workshops for these children.

The majority of people dream of peace and happiness for themselves and humanity at large

Active Auctions


Dream #1.

Children of Tulum

 In collaboration with Emannuele Matteo Capezio we partnered with Botanica Community Project in Tulum to see how we could help them with educational funding in a creative way. We created the first limited edition social impact dream NFTS called DreamTokens. The aim here is to showcase art that represents the dreams of local, underprivileged schoolchildren.

Dream #2.

Children of Tulum 

This is the dream of Abril from Botanica Community Project . He would like to be a ballet dancer as she loves to dance and she loves the sound of ballet.

Dream #3.

Children of Tulum.

This is the dream of Jesus Antonio from Botanica Community Project . His dream is to travel around the world and meet as many people as possible.

The Collective Dream #33

Children of Tulum.

This is the collective dream of all 32 children. The image is a constellation of dreams of the children of Botanica Community Project, a community and arts project for local families on the outskirts where we are raising funds for the children to have more advanced educational activities and workshops.

More Info

Constellation is a platform that connects the dreams of humanity.

We turn dreams into art and we use art to give a voice to the unheard. To everyone. It is our time to change the narrative and we are planning to do it through a new visual narrative of dream expression.

We are starting with community projects where we aim to create an impact with the local children and show them just by sharing the dreams, they are creating art.

In partnership with Botanica Community Project in Tulum, we created the first limited edition social impact dream NFTS called DreamTokens. The aim here is to showcase art that represents the dreams of local, underprivileged schoolchildren.

Proceeds raised through the sale of these art tokens will go directly to the community where more structured classes will be held in accordance with the dreams of children.

In partnership with a technology agency in NYC, we created a language of shapes, lines, and ripples that are automated in an art generator. When you type in your dream, the generator creates a unique image for each dream.

The reason we did this is to highlight that just by dreaming we are all artists and through art, we can now provide a base for people to use their dream art and monetize it for themselves.


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