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Binance 4th Anniversary: Celebration at Bitcoin Embassy Bar


From July 12th to 16th, Binance held a series of activities to celebrate its 4th anniversary as one of the largest and most important exchange platforms in the world.

Binance has managed to expand its image all over the world with projects on crypto world, starting with the creation, buying and selling of digital assets and now with NFT’s. Since its founding in 2017 in founder Chang Peng-Zao’s small office, the platform has been concerned with growing the crypto-sphere and strengthening international markets.

Now on its fourth anniversary, Binance celebrates the crypto enthusiasts, artists and merchants who are essential to the platform. And they create spaces in the physical world to celebrate and prove that the community that these media are forming is real and growing, not delusions of the web: it is the future.


All this and more was discussed at the Binance Watch Party, a specific event in Mexico City to celebrate 4 years of Binance, the first event in Mexico City for 3 years. Both enthusiasts and traders were able to meet in a space in the Roma neighborhood dedicated to strengthening ties within this community called Bitcoin Embassy Bar, founded and directed by Lorena Ortiz or better known as Lore Bitcoin.


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