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Binance NFT is now open!


Binance has positioned itself as one of the best and most important exchange platforms in the world. With the accessibility to make transactions in the crypto market with the security of a real bank. Even with the usage of different currencies, Binance’s efficient interface for users has put them in a position of international success.

Changpeng Zhao CEO of Binance. Source: Bloomberg


Since its inception in 2017, its creator Changpeng Zhao has achieved market innovation and the Binance team is in constant pursuit of the next thing to create. This has been a platform that has encountered various challenges, its origin in China was full of uncertainty due to the present laws prohibiting digital trading, and had to move to Japan, the challenges linked to the territorial space only inspired Changpeng more to create a universe within digitality.

Even changing the way things are encrypted into the blockchain for better use and to stop the detriment of the environment. Since it’s come to the attention of various artists, minting has a tremendous effect on the environment. Some artists even dismiss becoming NFT artist because of it.  Now Binance, with the use of a Proof of Stake model (PoS), uses way less power to keep the blockchain running, than a Proof of Work (PoW) model. This way users can certify their content personally instead of letting a machine do the work, and at the same time be energy continuous and decrease their carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint of creating and selling a NFT artwork. Source: Quartz


The goal has always been to create a secure space for decentralized trading, be it currencies, goods, transfers, or tokens. This principle has led to different projects that are growing their ecosystem that contains places for education in the crypto world (Academy), donations to projects funded with cryptocurrencies (Charity), a platform to support projects in the crypto world (Labs), and many more.

Now a new path is created with the launch of Binance NFT

On June 24 the platform opened Binance NFT, the Binance marketplace focused on buying and selling NFT files. A place where you can find what’s new in the digital world of NFTs, an opportunity for artists, celebrities, stakeholders, and galleries to upload their creations.

Binance NFT Marketplace. Source: Binance



During this month more of the profiles that will take part on the platform, were announced to be on their launching event “Genesis”. ArtCrypted is part of this grand opening first drop of artists and will be one of the first galleries on the platform and one of the first in Mexico. Our job as a gallery within the marketplace is to showcase a selection of the best Mexican digital artists and accompany them in their growth.

Binance 100 Creator for the Launch

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