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Cryptoart day: First Edition by ArtCrypted


Being a part of the crypto ecosystem  often means being apart from other fanatics, since everything happens on screen you only need a good system and internet connection. Now when it comes to creating cryptoart, you experience some type of alienation from other artistic groups. It’s a weird way of creating since you’re often stuck in front of the computer for hours only working with yourself. That’s why artists create ways to connect with other creators, to keep some type of community within the screens.

As a crypto gallery ArtCrypted found it incredibly important to create these spaces for our community whether those were artists, collectors, companies within the crypto universe  and fanatics of the medium. So Cryptoart day came to be.


On july 29th the first gallery in the Binance blockchain presented its first edition of ArtCrypted’s Cryptoart day, a convention that focuses on gathering everyone involved in cryptocurrency and cryptoart from experts to newcomers. The conference took place in an event salon located in the Torre Reforma 222 in the iconic Paseo de la Reforma. Where dozens of cryptonauts reunited to talk about their passion for crypto and the possibilities that it presents for the future.

The program presented conversations with experts in their field and created an opportunity  to reflect on the power of cryptocurrencies and, for those who came knowing little, teach about this extensive and complicated world.

From the beginning the main speakers: Nancy Salazar, engineer in Tecnologías de la Información and host of the event, Lucas Seanmanduras, an NFT collector and co-founder of NFT Tianguis and Fernanda Olivares, director of Fundación de Arte y Mundo Sostenible (FAMS), talked about the present and future of NFTs. The importance of the medium in an age of constant renewal, decentralization and accessibility to create. These professionals talked about their experience with using new technologies to keep updated and not dying trying.



Next Issac López from Blockchain Academy gave an important lesson to the uninitiated about what it means to own cryptocurrencies, and how it can improve your finances. This was a great opportunity for everyone who hadn’t been involved in the crypto economy, since it can be tricky to start all on your own. Blockchain Academy specializes in making your entry to the cryptoworld smoother with the help of digital professionals.


And lastly, Ana Chávez gave an introduction to the Binance ecosystem. Not forgetting to give a history lesson about the conception of the marketplace, with Changpeng Zhao as the founder and CEO of the platform. She talked about how Binance is growing on the scene, expanding its reach to more than just the economic aspect of crypto. With projects like the Binance NFT Market, the company is starting to explore dealing in digital archives and art works.


With each conversation the audience was invited to explore themes like What´s the present and the forcible future of NFTs? What does this mean for our current economy? Why are we diverging from centralized models of economy and art?

It has been made clear from the attendees of the event that we’re here creating the future, that NFT and crypto are the future. Everyone seemed so excited to be a part of the conversation and create new futures for the upcoming artists and collectors. Not only that, they were also excited to talk about this in a physical space outside of the computer screen.

It was incredibly rewarding for artists and collectors alike to meet in person. In this line of work you often know artists and professionals by just their @ name, the way they present themselves in social media. But it’s important to know that there are real people behind the screen that are creating something new and exciting. It also created a chance for artists to network with other artists, to talk about upcoming projects or possible collaborations that only expands this art scene. To meet friends and know that even if it seems dormant, the crypto community is strongly on the rise.

What once was a digital world, came alive in the real world for one night. An unforgettable night that only proved to us and everyone in the room that cryptoart is here to stay.

ArtCrypted thanks everyone that made this possible, from the main speakers, the sponsors and every attendee who came on a Thursday night to talk about our passions.

We are more than a gallery, we are the back-up for artists. 


We thank our sponsors Calahua MéxicoParrilla ParaísoPizza At NiteCru Cru MéxicoCafeína Gráfica and Conejo en la luna for joining this project.

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