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CryptoArt Fair Tulum 2021

Last May 30th on the beaches of Tulum, took place a phenomenal first meeting of the Crypto World at Papaya Playa Project. With the collaboration of Moonstock, the crypto art gallery in New York, Crypto Art Fair was created as a meeting between artists, galleries, independent projects, and fans of NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Art Crypted was at the center of conversations and here we tell you how it was experienced.

The main focus of this fair was to strengthen the crypto-art community that has found new grounds to conquer in Mexico, and that already had its community in different parts of the world. With this, we want to create international ties and not stay in the barriers created by geographic physicality.

The event was in charge of Olga Filatova, founder, and director of the Crypto Art Museum, where she showed the results of the first residency with international artists. And on the other hand, Aaron Koenig was also a host, talking about the history of NFT’s and the position of the artist. He is in charge of Bitfilm, Moonstock Crypto Art Gallery. and is the manager of artist Max Cryptohead, who presented his series “21 Heads” at this event.

There were also speakers specialists in crypto art such as Lorena Ortiz (Lore Bitcoin), Masha Prusakova, Immanuel Cape, Zaid Hendricks, Obatalia Yemoshunya, and Lola X.

The event managed to bring together the intangible in a physical space and legitimize the digital art world. Between conversation and conversation, cocktail and cocktail, bonds were created that at the end of the day build the community.

Although the NFTS seeks the independence of artists, this is still managed in groups that are willing to fight and change the mistakes of the past and paradigms in the history of art. This and other scene-related events are created to rethink all the institutions that surround us, as it is decentralized it has millions of possibilities to change things. The imposed models are obsolete and have been for a long time, now it is the artists’ turn to take over the scene, question and reflect on the position of galleries and museums. One must rethink and adapt.

Future institutions such as these are planned with the mentality of always being at the forefront and sharing what has been learned. Galleries, museums, fairs and more should always keep the artist in the first place and become their companion, not their competition.

The fair was a great inspiration for Artcrypted Gallery, because it is clear that the community is the main thing. Creating a dialogue where artists, curators, gallerists and dealers work in collaborative processes, without taking away the importance of each role. In Artcrypted we seek to bring back the feeling of community within the gallery and to be in constant questioning about our processes and to be the best accompaniment for crypto art artists.