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The Biggest NFT Artworks Right Now


When we talk about art and modernity, we sometimes think it’s impossible. Art is considered as an entity on its own, however, it is also evolutionary and adapts to the needs of humanity, so, to ensure its presence in the changing context, art progresses to find entry into the digital world.

NFTs (non fungible tokens) have proven to be a new way to obtain and enjoy art in these times of innovation. Promising security and being particularly unusual, NFTs have made their way into a feasible market that, while still experimental, has increased by about 60% since February 2021.

It is for these reasons that, on this occasion, the most impressive and surprising NFT files on the scene will be explored:


Mike Winkelmann, or better known professionally as Beeple, is a great American digital artist, graphic designer and animator. His notorious fame is due to his already well-known digital technique of creating dystopian futures with comic and phantasmagoric touches, achieving a social and political criticism accompanied by, mostly, pop culture figures.

ABUNDANCE, his work number 5079, belongs to his most recent collection of works entitled “Spring 2021”. For the moment, it has not yet been auctioned, but it is estimated that it could be one of the most expensive ones due to the digital work invested in it.


Pak is a pseudonym for a mysterious artist. His digital works have pushed the new world of art and he has created his own boundaries through his controversial perception. In the crypto community, he has been labeled as the “Satoshi of crypto art” due to his anonymity. His popularity is due to his mastery in handling pixels and creating figures that simulate outer space, playing with backgrounds and figures. Currently, this artist has broken records and has sold his works for more than one million dollars.

SEGA SUNSET belongs to one of his most current collections and is valued at more than one million dollars.

ETERNAL FLOOD by Mad dog Jones

Mad dog Jones is an American illustrator who found fame on Instagram thanks to his “cyberpunk” style. Most of his illustrations show this dependence between man and technology, combined by an overloaded color palette and distinctive elements that form a relaxed and futuristic atmosphere.

Mad dog Jones manages with his vaporwave style a visual naturalness in his illustrations that is beyond being a simple illustration on Instagram. His work has already been exhibited in an exhibition titled “AfterL-ife World” at Diesel Art Gallery, Tokyo. The gallery described it as being about these unexpected breaks from life while observing a future where resting from everyday life was a necessary evil.

THE BITCOIN ANGEL by Trevor Jones Art

Trevor Jones, also known as Trevor Jones Art, is a Canadian artist who defines himself as a traditional artist who has found a connection with technology, in short, he is a lover of innovation. He decided to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to give that touch of “digital modernity” to his works. Currently, he has sold around 1,100 works worth approximately 302.5 ETH, equivalent to more than half a million dollars on the NFT market.

THE BITCOIN ANGEL is proof of his artistic tradition by taking reference from Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s work entitled “The Ecstasy of St. Teresa” and his professed love of art and technology.


Xcopy is a cryptographic artist of English origin. He has belonged to the community since its inception, counting around 100 NFT on the SuperRare platform. His success lies in the themes that inspire his works such as death, dystopia, apathy, satire and social criticism. He is now one of the most influential and legendary figures in the world of crypto-art.

PANIC STATIONS shows us his well-known humor and the very elements that made him victorious. It shows his critique and perspective of the “paper roll shortage” phenomenon that happened during the global pandemic of 2020.

The NFT phenomenon has expanded in the new generations that are looking for a new experience outside of the traditional art world, however, both the traditional and the revolutionary need each other to exist. Both are artistic expressions and their creators seek to leave their mark, but NFTs have managed to extend this accessibility to new innovative art collectors.