What is a

An NFT or non-fungible token is a unique digital item or file that belongs to a blockchain.

It works through smart contracts that allow us to store any information on the network and consult it whenever you need it, in a transparent and immutable way.

The NFTs allow to represent in a unique and unrepeatable way digital and real objects within the blockchain system. Thanks to its security, we can use this technology to manage these objects safely at any time.

In this case, our tokens represent a work of art: illustration, photography, video, 3D animation, GIF, music, among others. However, this technology is also used in games, for creating internet domains, trading cards, and more.

NFTs cannot be reproduced or transferred without the permission of the owner, but they can be traded on different open markets such as Open Sea.

You can put your works of art up for sale or auction whenever you want.

Remember that the value of each chip is unique and its prices depend on the supply and demand of the market.

Start your art collection with us.

Be sure, we use the best technology with blockchain to protect your investment. 


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